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What should I do if the soldering iron tip is not sticky?

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  The soldering iron tip is not tinned because the surface temperature of the soldering iron tip is high, and it is easy to oxidize when it is in contact with air. Once the oxide layer is formed, it is difficult to apply tin, so we only need to use a blade to gently scrape the oxide layer. Drop it, and then use a fine sandpaper to polish it. After the clean tin surface is exposed, it is heated and heated. Then the soldering iron is evenly applied with the solder wire, so that the soldering iron tip is not easily oxidized. Below, Shaanxi Kairui Hongxing Electrical Appliances Xiaobian will share with you the precautions for the use of soldering iron.

  Precautions for the use of soldering iron
  First, the tip of the soldering iron is highly susceptible to oxidation when it is in contact with air at high temperatures. As long as we keep the soldering iron tip wrapped with tin, it can prevent oxidation to a large extent and avoid the phenomenon of paste.
  Second, when the soldering iron is used less frequently, it is best to hang the soldering iron to lower the temperature to below 50 degrees Celsius, and then adjust the temperature to the appropriate temperature for the next use, thus preventing long-term dry burning. The tip is oxidized and also extends the life of the heater.
  Third, try to avoid using soldering iron to iron things other than solder wire, such as plastic, etc., because once the soldering iron tip is attached to other materials, it will definitely cause the paste to not be tinned.
  Fourth, the soldering iron is just a heating tool. We should try to avoid using the soldering iron to shake the pins of the components, because it is easy to form a wound on the soldering iron. Once the soldering iron is deformed, we need to use a trowel or sandpaper to iron the tip. Polish and use again.

  In general, the maintenance of the soldering iron is actually for the soldering iron head, as long as we usually pay attention to avoid the dry burning of the soldering iron head, as long as there is always a tin package on the soldering iron tip, there will be no tinning.
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