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Hand soldering tool - electric iron

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        In the smt patch processing factory, special equipment and tools are required for smt soldering, desoldering, assembly, and board inspection of electronic products. This chapter begins with the most basic welding tools for electronic products and introduces hand-welded soldering tools—electric soldering irons.

        Smt chip processing welding tool is one of the indispensable tools in the soldering process of electronic products. In the process of manual soldering, the soldering iron is an indispensable tool. It relies on the heat conduction of the soldering iron to heat the base metal and melt the solder. The soldering tool of the material, the electric iron is described in detail below.

        Electric soldering iron is an electric heating device used to solder electronic components, electrical circuits, metal wires and other metal objects. According to the requirements of the welding operation, the soldering iron needs to have the conditions of fast temperature stability, sufficient heat, low power consumption, high thermal efficiency, low temperature drop, continuous welding, light weight, easy operation, convenient maintenance, firm structure and long service life. In addition, the soldering iron should also have low leakage current, low static electricity, and no magnetic influence on the components. Because the soldering iron is small and light, it is widely used. Generally, the soldering iron used in soldering is 220V, 50Hz AC. However, in the low-power transistor lead soldering, a safe 24V, 12V, 6V low-voltage power supply soldering iron should be used. Avoid damage to components during soldering.

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